Alabama Police Shocking Moore Revelation: They Were Told to Keep Him Away from Cheerleaders

The “rumor mill was that he liked young girls.”

More fuel has just been added to the Roy Moore pedophilia dumpster fire.  Former Gadsden police officer Faye Gary has confirmed prior reports that Moore, a GOP Senate candidate from Alabama, was commonly known to harass young girls and was banned from the local mall for those behaviors.

Gary, who served as a Gadsden police officer in the 1970’s, said, “We were advised that he was being suspended from the mall because he would hang around the young girls that worked in the stores and, you know, really got into a place of where they say he was harassing”.

Several women have accused Moore of sexual misconduct, including one woman who claims the candidate inappropriately touched her when she was only 14 and he was in his early 30’s.

While Gary didn’t clarify whether the officers were given orders to keep an eye on Moore, or whether the claims were just rumors, she did say that it was widely known that Moore “liked young girls”, and that officers were told to watch the candidate at ball games to make sure that he didn’t harass the cheerleaders.

Moore denies the allegations against him, but also admits that he first saw his now-wife when she was only 15, and knew she’d be special to him.

The Alabama Senate election is scheduled to take place in December.  Moore has refused to step away from the race, even though several Republican leaders have called for him to do so.  President Donald Trump has all but endorsed Moore, saying that a liberal shouldn’t win the Senate seat, and criticizing the record of Democratic candidate, Doug Jones.

Every day, it seems as though new information about the disgusting sexual inclinations of Roy Moore is made public.  Regardless of whether the police were given specific orders to keep the man away from young girls, it is clear at this point that his predilection for underage girls was widely known.

Instead of being embarrass and shunned, Moore is still running for a Senate seat.  And the leader of our country, President Trump, is standing behind him.  This is rape culture.  This is why victims of sexual assault don’t come forward.  Even with all this damning information, there are still people who disbelieve the reports.  And these are adults making these claims.

Had these women come forward as teenagers, they’d have been even taken even less seriously.  And so the cycle continues, until we are all brave enough to put an end to it.

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