What has Barack Obama done that gets so many people in America angry?

“I believe that for way too many Americans he proved to be competent in office while being black.” That’s unforgivable.

I live in rural GA. From the moment Mr. Obama took office, the tone in my town changed. Everyone had some ludicrous reason for HATING Obama. None of them made sense. They were illogical, petty, or just plain untrue. Then, I began to notice that acts of hate and blatant racism were increasing. Racism was always there, but their racist comments and acts became more public and loud. I know for some it was just the idea that a socially conscious Dem was in office. For the rest, every issue they had seemed thin and transparent. None of their political complaints were legitimate. (Hated Obamacare, loved ACA? That’s the same thing!) I truly believe that, considering the escalating racism, the main problem for them was the fact that he was black. In January, I actually had an old man walk up to me and express his happiness that the n-word was out of office. (The loud argument that followed got me kicked out of a grocery store. Me. Not him.) So, like I said, for some it was politics and immigration and other issues, but for a LOT of people down here… it was just because he was black.

I’m a liberal Democrat. Many reading that sentence might automatically assume that I love everything President Obama did because he was the most liberal political entity that ever existed in the cosmos. Nope. I had plenty of problems with his time in office precisely because he wasn’t a liberal, he was a moderate. The fact that he’s characterized by so many Republicans as this liberal messiah shows how far to the political edge their party has gone. But I didn’t expect him to be a liberal savior, I had a pretty clear idea of what kind of politician he was when I voted for him. At the time of his rise to the top I felt he was as close to liberal as we could get in a serious presidential candidate.

It’s important to note what a mess this country was in when Obama took office. Millions of voters seem to have forgotten how close the US economy, and the world economy, came to complete collapse. Between 1980 and 2008 conservatives, Republicans yes, but Corporate and Blue Dog Dems as well, passed the economic legislation that saw working and middle class Americans lose ground consistently. It all culminated in the crash of Sept. of ‘08. The month Obama was sworn in we lost 750,000 jobs and the Stock Market had tanked.

While President Obama really tried to turn this whole thing around he got absolutely no help from the politicians most responsible for the mess in the first place. That he was able to keep the US economy from going over a cliff makes him a successful president all by itself. That he was able to do it with constant obstacles thrown in his way by the actual perps behind the Great Recession is kinda remarkable. I wanted much more from his Administration regarding financial misconduct on the part of bankers and Wall Street big shots than we ever got, but again, he was a moderate, not a liberal.

Conservatives today love to trot out charts showing what a sluggish recovery President Obama gave us, conveniently leaving out the fact that conservative economic policy was responsible for us needing a recovery from the biggest financial meltdown since The Great Depression. To their credit, it worked. In 2016 millions of Americans gave conservatives complete control over Washington, DC. For eight years these politicians did nothing to help their fellow citizens in their time of need and they were richly rewarded for doing nothing. Man, that’s good work if you can get it.

Another thing conservatives slam President Obama for is the ACA, a healthcare plan created by conservatives and implemented by one of their own in Massachusetts in 2006. If Senator John McCain had won in ’08 and put forward this plan Republicans would have embraced it wholeheartedly. I would have preferred single-payer, but that’s because I’m a liberal.

What has Barack Obama done that gets so many people angry? I believe that for way too many Americans he proved to be competent in office while being black. This assertion makes many of my conservative friends go ballistic. Sorry, but I calls ’em like I sees ‘em. Again and again, Republicans had to distance themselves from racist elements in their party saying things like, “They don’t represent the viewpoint of the party,” more or less constantly. The fact that Obama was an excellent family man and ran an Administration almost completely devoid of felonious scandals was ignored.

The “family values” voters can’t stand the fact that Obama’s are a picture perfect family

You could scan Facebook pages on any given day and find criticism of President Obama regarding just about everything he did. He was criticized for how he saluted soldiers, threw a baseball or ate a hamburger. And the criticism was vicious, as if his behavior was deeply insulting to true red-blooded Americans, a group to which he clearly did not belong. But all this wasn’t because he was black. No, it was all about policy. Sorry, but that’s bullshit.

An Anti-Obama “classic” meme example

I know there were and are Republicans whose dislike of President Obama was based on policy, some of these people are friends of mine. But until they face the racism that is alive and well within their own party and acknowledge that it exists, they can rationalize ’til the cows come home and never shake the charges of racism that stick to them like flypaper. They enable these racists because, frankly, they need their votes. And you can’t enable racists in this manner without some complicity being attributed to you. When you lie down with dogs you get fleas. It’s that dang simple.

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