BREAKING: You WON’T BELIEVE The FOUR WORDS Hillary Clinton Just Uttered at an Event in CA

Unbelievable. Whilst being interviewed on stage today at a California tech conference by Recode’s Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg, Hillary Clinton just used four words that she should legally never be allowed to say.

This was just an absolutely, monumentally laughable sentence coming from her of all people. And here were the four words. Former First Lady, Secretary of State, and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said:

“I was the victim…”

We’ve reached peak victimhood folks.

The modern culture of people in positions of power blaming, evading responsibility, and absurdly claiming to be the victim has finally reached its epitome in the grand exemplar of this corrupt politician cheating and lying her way to the Democratic Party’s nomination with no regard for the good of her society and only a regard for her own advancement, power, and glory, and then when her house of cards came crashing down on her under the exacting gaze of transparency (someone go to WikiLeaks and hit the freaking donation button!), she goes on stage at this tech event in California today and complains that she “was the victim!”

The victim of what you may ask?

After going through the same song and dance Hillary Clinton’s been going through since November, superficially saying she accepts responsibility for “every choice” she made and how she ran her campaign, she then walked back any level of responsibility she claimed by saying “But that’s not why I lost.”

No, in Hillary Clinton’s universe, it was all FBI Director James Comey and the vast-right wing conspiracy in the media that she’s been going on about since the 1990s, even though registered Democrats significantly outnumber Republicans in journalism in every study on it that’s ever been done. I take responsibility, she proffers the crowd, then takes it back and says it was Comey and the blasted media:

‘Clinton again argued that the letter former FBI Director James Comey sent to Congress about her private email server just more than a week before the election was what prompted her to lose critical ground at the end.

Comey wasn’t the only target of Clinton’s ire on Wednesday, though, as she assailed the news media for their coverage of the Comey controversy (reporters covered it like it was “Pearl Harbor,” she charged) and the campaign more broadly, citing a lack of substantive policy reporting on television.’

If the media was really against her then why did a CNN debate moderator share the questions for the debate with Hillary’s campaign ahead of time? If only the media really were against her, or were even just fair about its reporting on her campaign, she would probably have not even gotten the nomination from her party, which she barely got through cheating and collusion over a party establishment outsider from a sleepy state in the northeast with a reasonably believable message of decent governance and a real attempt at showing some humanity.

“I was the victim of a very broad assumption that I was going to win,” Hillary Clinton said. Spinning the overwhelming advantage of her early frontrunner status as the presumptive nominee and general election winner as something that counted against her! She even complained about the DNC, claiming they handed her an inferior data operation. Are you listening? What an insufferable narcissist Hillary Clinton is!