Breitbart Axed an Editor for Racist Tweets and You Won’t Believe What Happened Next

In one of 2017’s most seriously whacked displays of self-indulgent, deliberate trolling stupidity, Katie McHugh, an editor at Breitbart News, after the London Bridge terror attack, first tweeted:

“There would be no deadly terror attacks in the U.K. if Muslims didn’t live there. #LondonBridge”

Bad enough to shamelessly display her abject bigotry, her willingness to find a category of people that one bad person could be sorted into and then ascribe their bad qualities to every other person in this category.

She was then rebuked by “Bones” television show actor Pej Vahdat, who tweeted:

“You’re a real moron.”

And in a response that takes the cake for cringeworthy clownery of cartoonish proportions, the Breitbart editor who is well known for having less than enlightened attitudes about people of other religions and ethnicity than herself then responded to Pej Vahdat, saying:

“You’re an Indian.”

McHugh must have caught the flu from Bill Maher or something (the Caucasian Real Time HBO show host who recently joked that he is a “house n-word” to the scorn of many).

Pej Vahdat isn’t even Indian. Ultimate facepalm. He’s from Iran. With her level of ignorance, McHugh probably thinks that makes him Iranian (I’ll save you having to Google it, Katie, people from Iran are Persian). While she may play innocent and say she’s simply stating a fact (or at least what her ignorant self thought was a fact while clearly having no idea what she’s talking about), she was stating his ethnicity in juxtaposition to him insulting her with the epithet, “moron,” so she’s obviously using the mere fact of his ethnicity as an insult to him, and that’s brazenly racist.

And that’s how Breitbart News felt about it too. They gave Katie McHugh the axe and sent her along to be a liability and a nuisance for some other journalistic organization. This wasn’t the first time she’s courted controversy for spreading her cancerous views about race, religion, and ethnicity.

But you won’t believe what happened next. Even after Breitbart didn’t want her for being too much of a prickly, ugly human being toward other human beings, much of the Pro-Trump Internet turned on the right wing newspaper for their decision to fire her! As BuzzFeed News reports:

‘Across the pro-Trump internet, McHugh’s firing was widely decried as a sign of weakness by Breitbart and an attempt by the site — once led by now-Senior White House Adviser Stephen Bannon — to pivot toward a more moderate editorial strategy. McHugh, meanwhile, set up a donations page on the far-right crowdfunding site WeSearchr, run by Chuck Johnson.

And early Tuesday morning, Johnson — a former Daily Caller freelancer known for his trolling and informal advising of the Trump transition team — echoed McHugh’s frustrations in a Facebook post. “I suspect we are seeing the end of Breitbart,” Johnson wrote. “It’s basically a shell of its former self. It’s not that interesting anymore.” Johnson called Breitbart a “click-baity property” and “a poor man’s right-wing Huffington Post.”

In a follow-up email to BuzzFeed News, Johnson responded unequivocally: “Breitbart is over.”‘

It says a lot about their former audience that what finally did them in was trying to draw a line somewhere for basic decency.