Debbie Wasserman Schultz Just Admitted to Violating Information Security Policy “For Years”

Look, we’re seriously not interested in this page becoming the Debbie Wasserman Schultz Report, but she just can’t seem to stop hogging the media spotlight with one headline-making act of shady, corrupt, incompetent, clownery after another.

It is truly a marvel to behold Wasserman Schultz’ level of perfectly exemplifying the corrupt, cynical, insulated, and clownish establishment politician, everything Americans have grown weary of in U.S. politics. In some strange, perverse way, I cherish the level of her political perfection as the ultimate decadent form in politics. She is surely an ideal politician in the surreal Trump era of U.S. politics.

All of that to be said, unless she does something truly abhorrent even by the standard we’ve come to expect from her, after this story we’re going to try to start focusing more on the news and commentary about the heroes and heralds of revolution in this country, not the backwards-facing, dead weight of old establishment politics-as-usual in Washington.

First a brief recap of how we got here. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has, at this point:

In 2014 vigorously opposed a Florida medical marijuana bill that narrowly failed (maybe thanks to her), and kept people from getting the medicine they need.

In 2015 after she expressed interest in running for the U.S. Senate in 2016, an attorney and donor, John Morgan, fiercely criticized her. Wasserman Schultz emailed him offering to change her position if he would stop criticizing her. He declined and disclosed the emails to Politico. First Wasserman Schultz had no comment, then denied ever having sent the emails!

In 2016 she resigned in disgrace from chairing the DNC after emails disclosed by WikiLeaks revealed the DNC was rigging the election for Hillary Clinton. Following a speech at the convention before the Florida delegation where Wasserman Schultz was booed off the stage the DNC announced she would not gavel open the convention.

In 2017 facing a $300 million class action lawsuit along with the DNC for securing Bernie Sanders supporters’ donations on false pretences, someone from her office called the lawyers for the plaintiffs in the case in a highly inappropriate phone call seeking information about the case. The caller apparently used a voice changing device, but clumsy as could be, called from DWS’s congressional office without blocking the publicly known phone number.

Also in 2017 Wasserman Schultz more or less threatened U.S. Capitol police department with budget cuts if they didn’t return a computer of her they had seized in their investigation of her office for violating House information security rules and potentially misusing millions of dollars in House funds.

And now this…

As the investigation against Wasserman Schultz’s office for sending sensitive congressional data off the House network in violation of information security rules has proceeded, she has admitted during a hearing that she’s been violating the rules constantly “for years and years and years” now(!), and amazingly blamed the House for letting her violate the rules:

Wasserman Schultz asked John Ramsey, the House’s information security officer: “If a member is using an application outside of the House infrastructure and the protection of the, [of] our cybersecurity network, they’re in violation of House policy?”

He replies yes, and Wasserman Schultz then asked: “So members are not supposed to be using Dropbox?” Wasserman Shultz asked, to which Ramsey answered: “Not according to the policy.”

“I am more than happy to admit that I use Dropbox,” she said. “I have used it for years and years and years. It is not blocked. I am fully able to use it.”

“So there is a vulnerability in our network in spite of the fact that you say that you’ve taken steps to address it,” she continued. “And there is not enough of a — of a policy that — that applies across the board. And you need to make sure that you tighten up your rules and policies so that you can really take and assure us that you take seriously protecting our network.”