The SECRET BANK That Steals 95% of Working People’s Income

People wonder why they have to struggle so hard to make ends meet today when the eight hour work day and five day work week were established over a century ago, and back then one person could work those kind of hours and make enough money to pay for an entire family for a lifetime, buy a house, a couple cars, some nice vacations each year.

Today it seems that both spouses have to struggle through stressful jobs 60 hours a week apiece to pay for the same kind of lifestyle and they wonder what happened to the American Dream. There are a lot of factors at play. Certainly the economic effects of automation are a part of it. The Industrial Revolution is over and it’s never coming back. As we adjust to the new mode of modern economy, there are some uncertainties and there are old ways of making a good living that will never come back.

But it’s more than just that. The biggest culprit of all, the number one way in which the elite and wealthy of this country steal from the hard working laborers in America is through the machinations of the secret Federal Reserve Bank. Did you know about it? It says it right on the dollar bills in your wallet.

Those are Federal Reserve Notes. Now it’s not a secret that the bank exists, but this semi-public, semi-private bank that actually, literally creates the money we all use is a secret bank. Its balance sheet is entirely kept secret and it does not want you to know who it gives all that money to after it creates it out of thin air (it used to print most of the money in circulation, now paper cash is a small percentage of the money in circulation, which exists merely as balance amounts in electronic ledgers at banks).

And every time the Federal Reserve creates money and lends it to large banks on Wall Street to make money lending to smaller banks, who make money lending it to businesses and people, it increases the supply of money. What happens when the supply of money increases? The money in your pocket or bank account is now worth less. And this process happens with the Federal Reserve, very slowly, over time, but all that value stolen out of the money you’ve worked hard for your whole life really starts to add up.

Indeed the U.S dollar today can only buy 5% of what a Federal Reserve dollar could buy in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was first created and given the power to steal from the rest of us by inflating the value of our money as it creates new money every day and gives it to the wealthy elite. Over a lifetime of earnings, say a working career that spans 45 years, that amounts to more than half of the value of the money you got to keep after taxes, evaporating into thin air and lining the pockets of extremely wealthy bankers.

Workers in America will never get a fair chance to make a good living that they deserve unless we abolish the Federal Reserve Bank!