Ted Lieu just roasted Melania’s “Be Best” campaign with an epic tweet

Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA) has proven to be among the most social media-savvy members of Congress out there, and his response to reports that Melania Trump’s plagiarized her “Be Best” anti-cyberbullying program shows his expertise at making a point through a strategic Twitter campaign.

Rep. Lieu has decided to assist the First lady in her mission to encourage kindness rather than engage in the type of bullying behavior that results in lasting animosity and prolonged conflicts by regularly posting examples of how some people choose not to “Be Best” while on social media.

Oddly enough, the first example Rep. Lieu chooses to highlight as an example of “Be Worst” behavior comes from the husband of the First Lady.

If charity begins at home, a notion that one has to believe that President Trump ascribes to given his penchant to spend his charitable foundation’s money on large portraits of himself that are subsequently displayed at his resorts, then Melania should dedicate the rest of her time as First Lady (and third wife) to the rehabilitation of the most deadly and notorious cyber bully in the nation.

Rep. Lieu has promised to provide further examples of tweets that don’t meet the standards of the “Be Best” program to help elucidate the public on the type of tweets that they should avoid sending.

There is no need to wait for the congressman’s next missive, however. Feel free to nominate your favorite “Be Worst” tweet from whomever you feel needs to be reminded of proper standards of discourse.

We know of at least one account where you can find a wealth of worthy nominees. Chances are good that Rep. Lieu’s next example will come from that same account.

This article was published on washingtonpress.com